Pinnacle People are pleased to announce the award of Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) Intensive Support (IS) Proof of Concept (PoC), which is part of the Personal Support Package. The pilot coaching programme will see Pinnacle People deliver one-to-one support and motivation to people with a disability or health condition across 12 locations in Essex.


The WRAG IS PoC went live on 9th October 2017 in Essex and Kent Districts. It will introduce a further Health and Work Conversation style of intervention at a different point of the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) customer journey (Post WCA), which will focus on understanding how we can build on the strength and quality of the interaction between work coaches and claimants. It will also look at the impact on the claimants’ confidence and motivation, and whether there is potential to help the claimants move closer to the labour market through understanding their barriers to work.


Running until March 2018, the PoC will trial both Pinnacle People delivering the service across Essex and Jobcentre Plus delivering the same service across Kent. DWP will use the findings to inform future policy and strategy.


Pinnacle People Director Jane Baxter said she was delighted to announce the new PoC, which will help 180 Jobcentre Plus customers to identify their goals and take positive steps to move closer to work.


“This is a fabulous opportunity for Pinnacle People to take part in another DWP pilot, focusing on the Work and Health agenda,” she said.


“Similar to other DWP pilots we have worked on, we will be working closely with the DWP project team to identify what elements of our support make a real difference to support customers to increase their motivation, engagement and prospects.”


“Once again, we value this unique opportunity to have an input in shaping the future of our sector,” she said.


The support is available to individuals that fall within DWP’s ESA work-related activity group stream, where their disability or health condition has been deemed to limit their current ability to work, but where goal-focused activities and coaching will help them to take positive control of their path towards work.


Pinnacle People has completed a range of programmes and DWP contracts across the UK since 2008, currently delivering New Enterprise Allowance, Work Programme, Group Work, Transitioning Ahead, Lone Parent Support and Older Workers.